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Meet Blaine

Blaine Glynn is one of the highest paid direct response funnel consultants in the world.  He has helped thousands of businesses transform their marketing processes through well thought out behavioral marketing campaigns.  His campaigns have accounted for increases of 1,747% increases for one customer over a year, as well as product launches that have brought in over $1million in under 72 hours.

Blaine has worked along side some of the brightest minds in the marketing and business world such as Frank Kern, Ted McGrath, and Dan Kennedy learn more here

Hiring Blaine Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For My Business

-Alexa Divett

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High Profit Funnels

Use these three funnels to create a perpetual money generating system.  These have been the most profitable, easiest to implement funnels for all of my clients

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Million Dollar Blueprint

The Million Dollar blueprint is the full system to transform a business and create a system that leverages your time and money to create a more profitable business that is automated and creates customers that will beat down your doors to get your products and services.

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The Gold Standard Coaching

The Gold Standard Coaching program takes you through an intensive 8 week course designed to bring everything in your business to the next level.
Through this experience you will transform the way you think and the way your business runs by implementing the Million Dollar Blueprint in a way specific to your business.
After finishing the Gold Standard Coaching program you can expect a business that takes 20% less time to manage, produces 50% more profits and has your customers begging for more products from you.

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Using A Network Marketing Company or MLM As Your Backup Plan

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Zeal For Life

Zeal For Life

Like many of you I have had my fingers is so many online business ventures.  And one of the biggest groups of people I worked for was network marketers.

The idea of network marketing always seemed really interesting to me, however I could never get over the idea of calling on my warm market or doing the 3 foot rule.

Granted, in the past I had done many types of sales and did very well – always in the top 3 of the sales teams, however something about MLM just felt… for lack of a better word: Dirty.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that the income potential was incredible and the thought of having a good residual income from basically a little bit of hard work sounded like a great backup plan – allowing me to go and chase my other ideas and still have the money to pay all the bills even if I majorly cocked something up.

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*BREAKING NEWS* Infusionsoft Integration With GotoWebinar/Meeting Burner Now Possible!

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Infusionsoft integration with GotoWebinar and Meeting Burner is now possible! That’s right, you heard it here. The issue of Infusionsoft integration has always been one of frustration and lost leads and until now, was something those of us in the online marketing world had to just learn to deal with.

However, I wasn’t content… I felt that losing these leads and all of this frustration was something that could be solved. So, what I’ve done is develop this exciting new piece of software that solves those issues.

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