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What Do You Want Out Of Life?

By October 3, 2009 No Comments

succOne of life’s greatest questions, I think a lot of people spend most of their time trying to figure it out, almost as it is “the meaning of life”.

It could be boiled down into goals, or dreams, aspirations, or even that beautiful new car in the garage.  I think, however, that what you want really can be divided up into a few main categories….

If you ask anyone who is well read or teaches goal setting they will tell you to set goals on what you want and divide them up into categories such as: career (financial), relationship, personal (self improvement), and “fun” (things you always wanted to do).

While I think this is a great start it seems to me that it leaves something to be desired…

techart-porsche-911-turbo_1Granted, I really want a brand new Porsche 911 turbo (among other cars), two great houses (one on the beach, and one in the woods somewhere), great relationships with beautiful people (both physically and intellectually), not to have to worry about money ever, the ability to travel whenever and wherever I want, and of course the freedom to enjoy all of that.

Yet, those are all material things (for the most part)  and yes, money is the root of all those things, and yes I do believe that a certain amount of money can make you a happier person.  But, I think even if you had those things you can still wind up very, very unhappy.

What will fill the void?

I realize that you may have figured this out already, you may have found the “key” to eternal fulfillment and happiness, yet, I think that there plenty of people who get the “things” they want then think “Ok, I did it!  yes!  I reached my goals… now what?!”

For myself, and I find this a pretty common occurrence people want to help others.  I mean really, look at any penta millionaire, a good portion of them stopped worrying about money, and turned their focus on helping people.  Is that the key?  Is that what we must do?

Let me help you help yourself.

I have had a change of perspective recently.  You may have seen the video where I talk about how I stopped chasing money and started chasing people (that sounds weird?)  I really have decided that I personally need to help people!  People like you!  Like so many of us who either don’t know where we’re headed or just need to make something work.

Now I’m giving back.  I have decided to help as many people as I can get to the goals they want to reach.  I plan on doing this in a couple ways (all of which I’m tying into online marketing):

Leading by example: Show people how I’m able to set and meet goals, help people and in essence “pay it forward” to society.

Coach Those in Need: Now, I can’t say that I can turn water into wine, solve world hunger or cure cancer.  But I think it is my responsibility to really help as many people as possible reach their goals in online business, and learn to teach other people how to do the same.  Almost, in essence, help to start (or continue) a movement.

Granted, my time is as much at a premium as it ever has been, but if you feel you really need help, or some sort of guidance, please comment, let me know how I can help and if I can’t get you there, I bet I know some people who can.


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