Using A Network Marketing Company or MLM As Your Backup Plan

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Zeal For Life

Zeal For Life

Like many of you I have had my fingers is so many online business ventures.  And one of the biggest groups of people I worked for was network marketers.

The idea of network marketing always seemed really interesting to me, however I could never get over the idea of calling on my warm market or doing the 3 foot rule.

Granted, in the past I had done many types of sales and did very well – always in the top 3 of the sales teams, however something about MLM just felt… for lack of a better word: Dirty.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that the income potential was incredible and the thought of having a good residual income from basically a little bit of hard work sounded like a great backup plan – allowing me to go and chase my other ideas and still have the money to pay all the bills even if I majorly cocked something up.

Then, I made a deal.

A few years ago in trade for helping a top MLM leader I was able to get into the company for free, try out the products and he started putting people under me for payment while I helped build his online presence.

Wow!  I thought, this guy does about $20,000 per month, if I can do a quarter of that I will be in great shape.

And what’s more is the product they promoted I really liked.

The comp plan was one of the best I’ve seen (and let me tell you I’ve seen them all due to a past job)

And even though I loved the product saw the potential of this still growing company it was hard for me to promote to family and friends, but I did – I introduced the product and actually a few people still to this day use it.

But the greatest thing that happened is because this company was so up and coming we were able to get ranked very well in the search engines for the main keywords.

Skip ahead in time a bit and I love the idea of my automated MLM company Zeal For Life.

I currently do not call anyone, bother anyone or really promote it at all – unless I hear someone is looking for a new opportunity.

All of the leads are created from my blog website that I have used some strong SEO tactics on.

These people just join my Zurvita downline, a few times per week I get an email saying I have a new Zeal consultant!

blainebenz21How much F*ckin easier could it be?!

In closing,

Find yourself an mlm that pays decent residuals (you can join Zurvita with me here and I will help you get started) Set up a blog or site that uses some of the tricks I’ve been teaching, get ranked for keywords and let the easy money roll in.

It might turn out that you really enjoy the lifestyle, community and all that goes with it.

It’s worth checking out the Zeal For Life Challenge and at least trying the product for 30 days


PS.  Did I tell you they have a Mercedes-Benz car Program?

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