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Is Your Greed Keeping You From Being Successful?

By September 24, 2009 One Comment

money“Make Money Online easily!”  “Make thousands while you sleep!” “Easy Turnkey Formula!” These are a few phrases anyone in internet marketing may have heard, and still hears, probably on a daily basis, but is it thoughts like this that are keeping you from your big payday.

I am a huge fan of the psychology behind copywriting and what moves us to action – frankly I find it fascinating.  And I applaud anyone like David Garfinkel who can teach it as well as he did in the Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course. But these power words that move us to action, motivate us, and get us started on our path tend to set a bad mindset.

I recently heard someone mention that you are either a value consumer or value extractor.  This really gave me some insight to something.

First lets think about something.  Suppose your new in the internet marketing scene and you see all of this value (ie, information) out there and you consume and consume and consume.  I personally think this can be great especially when starting out and trying to understand it all and take in the surroundings.

Then after weeks or months of study you realize that you need to take some action and make some money.  So you create an ebook, post it on click bank, and if your lucky make a couple random sales.  AWESOME!  Success!

Well… kind of.

Then you relize you are having limited success, although the first sale was very exciting its short lived when you realize that there are so many people out there making A LOT more than you and you are still very far from your dreams.

So you go back to the drawing board.  Conventional thinking would say “Ok, I have the book, I must not have enough traffic, lets get some more of that.”  After that really doesn’t help much you turn to the next option “I need to learn better copywriting!  that will definitely help” and yes, it will always help to a point.

After trying those and quite possibly ten other things it gets to the point you just want to throw your hands up in the air and give up.

Did you do anything wrong?  Well no, you did what everyone told you the formula is, but you missed one vital clue:

Your Mindset Was Wrong!  You Were Chasing The Wrong Thing!

I’m going to shortly dispell a huge secret that you may have never heard.  Money is worth nothing, its paper and ink, its not backed by gold, its an easy trading system for value.  So then what is value?

Value is information.  Got it?

So if you shift your thinking, and now your not selling products for money, what are you going to do?  Well in short, the oppisite of what you have been doing all along.  You need to GIVE value.

Yeah, I said it.  Give value…. HOLD THE PHONE?!  isn’t that what we wanted to get – value?  which is money?

Here’s a very important quote from a master, Zig Ziglar that you should probably print out and put above your computer monitor:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

So, if you want value (money) then you should start giving value (not money in this case).  Seems easy enough right?  Now it’s just up to you to shift your thinking, and realize that you are giving people loads of value and then they will intrinsicly start giving you loads of money.

My simple 3 step formula for giving value (and making some money from it)

  1. Build a Product that is realistically worth at least $97 and put it on your website/blog/twitter to GIVE  AWAY FOR FREE (in exchange for an email address)
  2. Send your list of readers good information about once a week via your auto responder.
  3. Find out their needs and create another product for less than $50 and let your list know they can buy it.

Viola!  You will certainly start seeing more profit, and a much happier group of customers that will buy from you every time as long as you keep providing lots of great value for them.

Below you can make a comment, I would love to hear what you think especially, if this is something that can help you be more successful in your online business.

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