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*BREAKING NEWS* Infusionsoft Integration With GotoWebinar/Meeting Burner Now Possible!

By September 27, 2012 One Comment

Infusionsoft integration with  GotoWebinar and Meeting Burner is now possible!  That’s right, you heard it here.  The issue of Infusionsoft integration has always been one of frustration and lost leads and until now, was something those of us in the online marketing world had to just learn to deal with.

However, I wasn’t content…  I felt that losing these leads and all of this frustration was something that could be solved.  So, what I’ve done is developed this exciting new piece of software that solves those issues.

Infusionsoft integration with Go to Webinar and Meeting Burner has increased the amount of leads dramatically.

Think about this…  You could be losing 25-50% or even more of your potential prospects because they are just too damned lazy to sign up for a second thing.  If each person on your webinar was worth $20 to you that would be like throwing money into the buzzing, gargling, garbage disposal simply because Infusionsoft integration with your webinar wasn’t possible.

You really need to understand the power of this new tool that I am about to reveal to you…  Yes YOU!  The tool that you need to be utilizing, that has made Infusionsoft integration with your webinar hosting possible is…  Actually, let me tell you a story first.

My need to develop an Infusionsoft integration system started with Sin City…

Since December I have been away from my blog (and really the whole marketing community) because after spending a weekend in Vegas with Frank Kern he helped me get focused on really helping a tight niche of people with a whole new product offering.  (Which is working amazingly well)

Part of this funnel involves getting people on a list and then into a webinar.  But after spending a couple thousand dollars I realized I was loosing 25-50% of my leads from aweber to gotowebinar!

And the worst part was that when someone doesn’t sign up off the bat for your webinar chances are good (about 87% of the time) that they will NEVER sign up for any webinar you have!

So this got me thinking, how can I sign up people for my aweber list and gotowebinar at the same time?

I wrote one script and passed it around to a few internet marketers that I knew well and it worked – but not with the ease an functionality that it needed to have.

Back to the drawing board…

I had to come up with some form of Infusionsoft integration, and for that matter any autoresponder integration and I needed to do it fast because money was flowing out of my business like a bucket with holes in it.

After a weekend of coding and enough caffeine to get an olympic team banned from competition, I had done it. was born.

And this isn’t some flash in the pan little script that any kid in high school would write.  It’s a full featured webinar integration.

Go To To Buy Now

Here are some of the best features of the software that allows for Infusionsoft integration with your webinar.

  • Schedule unlimited webinars
  • Build series of webinars so you can run multiple programs at once
  • Signup an unlimited number of registrants
  • Set it up in 3 steps – Using your current web forms and squeeze pages!
  • Send users instantly to a thank you page of your choice
  • No code to install or setup!

Infusionsoft integration and more

To get this great tool you only need to do the following:

Go to and purchase

Set up your webinars in the system

Add the special link to your current web forms

Watch as every user you get to opt in also registers for your webinar.

Enjoy your new Infusionsoft integration abilities!


PS.  This software doesn’t just work with infusionsoft, it also works with aweber, get response and soon many more services.  And seamlessly integrates with two of the best webinar platforms: GoToWebinar and MeetingBurner

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