The Secret to Blogging Success

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Secret to blogging

The Secret To Blogging Success

We all know, or have heard that blogging can be the easiest, most affordable way to get leads, or traffic to our offers….

….And all the “gurus” make it sound so easy:

Just buy a good domain, set up your blog, and start writing content.

It’s got to be the most simple 3-step formula out there right?

Well, actually yes, I mean in theory it is that easy.  But that doesn’t explain why so many people, even possibly you, are failing at it.

Now, I know that there are some real technical hurdles to overcome when building your blog – and that in it self stops about 30-50% of people and that really doesn’t have to be the case – there are services out there that will install a blog and get you running for very affordable prices (sometimes even free) <-Click to check out WordPress Installed

So, let’s suppose your past that, you have your domain, and your blog all set up.  Now it’s content time…

…Ahh the last missing piece, so let me just open up my laptop and start writing, you may think to yourself..

but really is that all there is to it?  just write whatever comes out of your fingers?

and what if you aren’t the “writing type”?  are you doomed to late nights banging your head against the keyboard slurping down cups of coffee trying to find that one shred of inspiration for your next blog post?

To answer your questions: No, no, and well maybe – but more than likely no.

Should you have a writing strategy: yes, but your strategy doesn’t have to include all that blogging mumbo jumbo that you hear about like SEO, Keyword density, back-linking, blah blah blah…

Here is the big secret that will guarantee success:


It does not matter if you write 1 really great super optimized post per month, the consistent act of writing every day will win over that every time.

It’s a concept I like to call brute force blogging.  and it really is how people make blogging work.  Lets face facts – if you try to learn every tip and technique before you start you will never start blogging!

So here is the key, just write.  Every day.  Set aside 30-60 minutes whenever you feel most creative (for me it’s late night) turn off everything and write for that time period.  When your done, post it.

I will tell you first hand the first couple days will be easy, and then you will have a few days of  “uhg!  I don’t want to do this (insert explicitive)”

…but then something magical happens – you will start seeing results and your traffic increase, and this my friend should get you very excited.

at this point, which will be between 2 weeks and 6 weeks in you can pick up that blog course on how to optimize your posts for search engine rankings, or you can start playing around with posting up to new, different sharing sites.

Its only after you have made blogging a habit that you should worry about tweaking and making your posts stronger!

So, my challenge to you:

  1. If you don’t have a blog yet get one, I’ll even build it for you: Click Here -> WordPress Installed – Blog install service
  2. Start writing.  Commit to it for at least 60 days, write every day at least one post, even if it’s small
  3. After you have gotten that far and built the habit then you can grow into new avenues, optimizing your email list, building a facebook fan page, start video blogging with youtube, etc…
  4. Send me an email or comment and let me know how it’s going.


PS.  I forgot to mention something for those of you who hate to write.  If you happen to have a little bit of extra cash you can check out – they do a really good job, I’ve used them many times in the past.  Just keep in mind this is not as good as just writing them yourself, but I know how some of us loath writing

Give Me 30 Days, And I Will Make You Rich

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How many times have we seen a headline like this on an information product?  Probably more than we can count…

However, most of us deep down don’t really care about being rich, I can’t say for myself or any of my closest friends we have a love affair with money, sure maybe once it would be fun to get a few thousand in cash throw it out on the bed and roll around in it while belting out an evil laugh “Muhahahahaha” but that would only be fun once 🙂

Give The Keys To the FutureThe real thing we strive for is the life money can buy, the nice house, trips, the ability to pickup the tab when you take your friends and family out to the nicest place in town…

But let’s dig a little deeper, although it will be nice being able to have great things what most of us are really striving for is money so we can help those around us, maybe it’s been your hard working parents dream their whole life to have a beach house and retire to soak in the sun and go fishing every day, yet we know given some of the current economic situations that may never happen for a lot of them – which is where you having money comes in.

If you have children I could think of no better joy then being able to provide them with the life an opportunities you may not have been provided with – No, I don’t believe children should be spoiled constantly and given everything on a silver platter, but if you can provide them the opportunities and educate them at a young age then think of how they can change the world for the better.

So, this leads us back to money, you really do need it to accomplish a lot of the grand ideas and plans you may have, but maybe that seems easier said than done.  With so many get rich quick information products and systems out there its easy to get lost in the shuffle and really end up just going in circles spending more than you ever make back.

Money is not the goal, nor is it something to really strive for – Money is primarily a metric, a means to measure the progress of your success in that area of you life.

Let’s resolve to make a plan:

My thought to you is start thinking today what you want the future to look like 5 and 10 years down the road, vision it out in pain staking detail, even get out your journal (you have a journal right?) and write down your vision.  I personally like to write mine as a story from the minuet I wake up feeling the sun on my face and the warm ocean breeze flowing over my bed, until I lay my head down later that night.

After you have your vision at least thought through we are going to map it, and that will be in the next episode.