Using A Network Marketing Company or MLM As Your Backup Plan

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Zeal For Life

Zeal For Life

Like many of you I have had my fingers is so many online business ventures.  And one of the biggest groups of people I worked for was network marketers.

The idea of network marketing always seemed really interesting to me, however I could never get over the idea of calling on my warm market or doing the 3 foot rule.

Granted, in the past I had done many types of sales and did very well – always in the top 3 of the sales teams, however something about MLM just felt… for lack of a better word: Dirty.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that the income potential was incredible and the thought of having a good residual income from basically a little bit of hard work sounded like a great backup plan – allowing me to go and chase my other ideas and still have the money to pay all the bills even if I majorly cocked something up.

Then, I made a deal. Read More