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Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money |

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Why Your Blog Doesn't Make Money

Why Your Blog Doesn't Make Money

It’s interesting really, that I came across this article on copy blogger today, I have just launched which helps people make money with a blog.  Taylor Lindstrom of copyblogger writes how your blog doesn’t actually make money, and I know that to be true.

Granted, I make some consistent money from blogs but by all means they are not the majority of my online income.  My biggest amount of income streams from products and my email lists.  In my free course over at I help you set up a blog to use as your “homebase” and really get traffic flowing through that, although we then try to turn all the viewers into email list leads, which in turn will build you a long term sustainable income with your email list.

Check out Taylor’s article, its an incredibly interesting read on how to make money and why it doesnt come from your blog.

Why Your Blog Doesnt Make money |